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Voxel Action MMO

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Trove offers the perfect environment for players who want to unleash their inner creativity, whether its just your own cool little Cornerstone or an entire Club World bursting with amazing structures. Work alone or with groups of like-minded Trovians as you collect the perfect pieces and assemble them into something truly unique and wonderful that the entire Trove community can enjoy.


Trove’s got all kinds of action-packed challenges to tackle. Go it alone as you wander a variety of wild worlds and delve into Trove’s deadly dungeons, gather your friends and face off against monstrously massive boss encounters, or just test your skill against your fellow Trovians in the explosive new Bomber Royale PvP mode.


Not only does Trove feature 16 unique classes (ranging from neon ninjas to dino taming adventurers), but it also features 1000s of ways to customize your character. Collect mountains of stylish swords, hilarious hats, adorable allies, and monstrous mounts and show off your own unique style.