Support Trove and Get Rewards

We’re giving special rewards and bonus in-game Credits* to early supporters. Purchase any of these Packs and watch your rewards snowball on the road to launch!

*Credits you buy during pre–release are called Supporter Credits. You can spend them at the in–game store during pre–release, and they’ll be reissued back to you, along with Bonus Milestone credits, at the start of beta! FAQ

Get Instant
Alpha Access

with $20 packs & up

Bonus Milestones

As Trove grows in support, so do your rewards! Each unlocked tier grants new rewards to all early supporters from Scouts to Voxel Savants. Item rewards will be awarded during alpha, and Bonus Credits will be rewarded at the launch of beta.

Tier 13 – In Progress

Tier 12 reward


The only thing better than playing Trove is playing Trove with friends. All supporters at Adventurer level or higher will be awarded an additional instant Alpha access key to share with whomever they choose!

64% Complete

Early Supporters get rewards for all unlocked Bonus Milestones!

Tier 14 – Design Your Doom

Tier 14 reward

Create an end-game adventure world with the Trove team! The Community will choose a theme and decide how you will die what you'll battle in a new adventure, designing everything from environment and monsters to boss mechanics and traps. All supporters will get a free class skin matching the chosen theme and a stack of portal potions that will take you straight into the belly of the beast.

Tier 13 – exTROVErted

Tier 13 reward

The only thing better than playing Trove is playing Trove with friends. All supporters at Adventurer level or higher will be awarded an additional instant Alpha access key to share with whomever they choose!

Tier 12 – If it wasn’t for you meddling testers

Tier 12 reward

All supporters will receive a magically mystifying Mystery Box. Mystery Boxes can contain a wide selection of items of great worth!

Tier 11 – Going Clubbin’

Tier 11 reward

All supporters will receive a Club voucher that can be used to create an in-game organization of players. Will your club be open, or of the ultra-exclusive kind?

Tier 10 – Flesh Wounder

Tier 10 reward

All supporters will receive a unique melee weapon built to smite, slash, or skewer your foes!

Tier 9 – A Whole New World … and Class

Tier 9 reward

The Community and Dev Team will join forces to make a New Biome and Character Class. Support Trove at any level, and you’ll start with this class unlocked!

Tier 8 – The Trove Overflows

Tier 8 reward

All Supporters get 50% more Supporter Credits at beta launch plus a Raptor Pet.

Tier 7 – Relic Trove Discovered!

Tier 7 reward

All Supporters get 40% more Supporter Credits at beta launch plus a Punchbot pet.

Tier 6 – Domo Arigato

Tier 6 reward

All Supporters get the Robot Face Plate. You’ll have to learn the dance on your own.

Tier 5 – Legendary Trove Discovered

Tier 5 reward

All Supporters are awarded a 30% bonus to their Supporter Credits at beta launch!

Tier 4 – Not a Wizard Yet

Tier 4 reward

All Supporters get Developer Goggles. They’ll make you pixel–perfect!

Tier 3 – Epic Trove Discovered

Tier 3 reward

All Supporters are awarded a 20% bonus to their Supporter Credits at beta launch!

Tier 2 – I’ll Be Doggone

Tier 2 reward

All Supporters get a Corgi Mask. All the love, none of the hair!

Tier 1 – Rare Trove Discovered

Tier 1 reward

All Supporters are awarded a 10% bonus to their Supporter Credits at beta launch!


What are Supporter Credits?
Supporter Credits are a special version of our in–game store currency. In Alpha, they already unlock various ways to customize the look of your character. We’ll be adding features as we go on with ways to expand your Cornerstone, unlock mounts, and speed up your advancement.
Do Supporter Credits carry over after alpha?
Even better! All the Supporter Credits you buy will be returned to your account as regular Trove Credits (along with Bonus Milestone Credits) when we wipe the servers for beta. You can spend them all again in beta/live!
If I buy a Supporter Pack twice, do I get 2x the rewards?
You will receive the Credits for each Supporter Pack purchase, but the rewards for each tier are only granted once. (However, if you purchase a combination of Supporter Packs that total a higher tier, you’ll get that tier’s rewards as well!)
Can I upgrade to a larger tier of support?
Yes – by getting more small packs. Trove rewards are granted based on the value of all your Supporter Packs combined. If you’ve spent $5 on a Scout pack, you could unlock the $20 Adventurer rewards by buying three more $5 Scout packs.
When is alpha/beta?
Alpha is already underway! We haven’t announced dates for beta yet – if you haven’t already, sign up for the latest news and be the first to know.
Do I have to pay to get into alpha or beta?
No. Some packs offer guaranteed and/or priority access to alpha and beta, but we’ll also send invites (at random) to players who have signed up.
What is “alpha”?
Trove is in an alpha development stage; we’re still working on core systems and features of the game itself. We will be inviting players to join alpha in waves to help us test the game and stress our servers. This will be an ongoing process and last several months.
What does it mean to have “Priority Alpha Access”?
As our games’ capacities grow throughout testing, we always add new testers in waves. People who are flagged as having Priority Access will be the first in a given wave. This is similar to how we have done invitations for previous games. It gets a good mix of Priority supporters as well as those who have chosen to simply register on the site.
How will I know if I’ve been selected for alpha?
You’ll receive an alpha invite email from Trove! Dancing or cheering at that point is entirely optional.
Where can I download the alpha?
Once you’ve been invited to participate in the Trove alpha, you can download the game from the Trion Worlds Account Center.
What does “guaranteed beta access” mean?
You are guaranteed an invite to the Trove beta. Beta will begin at the conclusion of alpha game testing. Invitations will occur in similar waves as described above.
When do I get the items included with my Supporter Pack purchase?
We’ll be sending items and bonuses from each Supporter Pack during alpha / as reward features are added to the game.
How do Bonus Milestones work?
We’ll be granting special in–game bonuses to everyone who purchases a Supporter Pack. As more people sign up and become Supporters, we’ll be adding more bonus rewards!
Designing a biome sounds awesome! What’s a biome?
In Trove, a biome is an in–game geographic area with a consistent theme where you and friends will explore, adventure, and build. This screenshot shows Trove’s forester biome. Yes, it’s full of all sorts of things you’d expect to find in a forest – but a biome could be anything you can dream up. (A Neo–Transylvania ruled by cyber–vampire ninjas is, for example, totally fair play.)
What platforms is Trove available on?
Trove is available only for PC.
What are the system requirements to play Trove?
You must be running Windows Vista or later and your graphics card must be OpenGL 3.0 compatible.