March Roundup: Dungeons, Worlds, Mining, and More

March roared in like a lion for Trove, but it didn’t go out like a lamb! Check out highlights from features we implemented this month, and read on for a look at exciting developments coming soon.



Mining got a whole lot better in March when we eschewed the traditional pick and shovel for something a bit more … modern. Enjoy digging away at the speed of light!


What’s better than a home to call your own? A whole world that you can shape with your friends! March saw the addition of Personal Worlds to build in, and Adventure Worlds to explore.

Class Abilities

Both the Knight and the Gunslinger received Ultimate Abilities in the month of March, making them shootier and tankier than ever before. More Pew-Pew, less QQ.

Metaforge Dungeons

The creativity of the Trove community always astounds. Now that you can create your own dungeons, it can also a-maze!

Permanent Gear

With the addition of some extra-durable materials, your gear will no longer suffer the ravages of time. Now you can rest confidently knowing your weapon of choice will remain usable for as long as you need it.

April Sneak Peek


Love a particular design of gear, but find yourself drawn to the lure of better stats? Forging is the answer to your desires! Forging will allow you to upgrade your gear in a variety of ways, ensuring you’ll never have to choose between appearance and functionality again.

Fae Trickster

Hailing from the Fae Wilds, this winged wizard uses magic to befuddle and defeat their foes. With arcane blasts and illusionary allies, this is a class you won’t want to miss!